Harvest Festival

The Beginning of the Harvest Festival

It is said that the first annual harvest festival took place 20 years ago when Elrohir Eledril and Bill Talien, along with a few other potential townsfolk spent one long and frustrating night building the Talien Tavern and Inn. At the time, the inn served as the only testament to Havenbrook and thus the only means of collecting visitors traveling through the Great Plains. Final touches were completed late that night and so the evening concluded with a late, and rather large, dinner with plenty of drinking. While no agricultural harvest was actually had on the first annual harvest festival, the two founders claim that the dedication to completing the inn before the height of traveling season was what led to the eventual success of the town for years to come.

The Harvest Festival Today

Nowadays, the harvest festival is celebrated in a similar fashion to the first annual harvest festival. While Havenbrook has blossomed into a much larger community with plenty of agriculture, the harvest festival serves as an excuse for townsfolk to come together, drink and have fun. However, prior to the late night excursion to the tavern most families celebrate during the day with a large feast, thankful for yet another year of abundance. Once the younger ones are put in bed, and older (but still much too young) siblings are put in place to watch them, everyone else goes to the Talien Tavern and Inn. The Havenbrook harvest festival has always collected a few visitors from the few neighboring towns, however, as of late, word of the festival has begun to spread, bringing in travelers from even further destinations. Many of these travelers find the festival as a good excuse to get an early jump on the traveling season, in turn generating extra revenue and a better connection to the outside world for the the town. To maintain this interest and increase the town’s notority, games and events have been introduced into the tavern, keeping the night fun and the patrons in the tavern later… guaranteeing that most will use the inn’s services.

Festival Games at the Tavern

As a means of entertaining new guests and maintaining the interest in the festival, games were introduced to the tavern. Many of these games are tournament styles of average tavern games like darts, but the obligatory drinking contests and gnome tossing have managed to work their ways into the event line-up. The largest draw to the tavern is the drinking contest as the current and reigning champion for 3 years has been the 20-something barmaid, and daughter of the Talien family, Gia Talien. Many a competitor has come to challenge Gia, but no one has managed to win in 3 years.

Harvest Festival

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