Updated 1/23/09

The Founding of Havenbrook.

Havenbrook was founded a little over 20 years ago when two young families, the Eledrils and Taliens, decided to make a modest living for themselves. With substantial seed money and the necessary knowledge, Havenbrook developed into a small farming community.

Havenbrook and the Rest of the World.

In large part the previous success of Havenbrook was attributed to the abundance of resources supplied by the land of Great Plains in which Havenbrook is located. Though somewhat isolated from the outside world, the inhabitants of Havenbrook received additional supplies as well as the occassional oddities and much sought after gossip from travelers on the Trade Road. Travel increased significantly for the annual harvest festivals, where travelers come from neighboring towns and a few less distant lands. This was until the 20th Annual harvest festival.

Havenbrook Today.

Now in ruins of ash and ember, the town of Havenbrook exists in disarray. Many of the townsfolk died in massive fire, leaving little more than tents and wanders in the center of town. Those on the outskirts of town who avoided the destruction disassociated themselves with the town for now, afraid of repercussions by whomever caused the destruction.


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