Updated 01/05/08

The Taliens are a human family that helped found the town of Havenbrook about 20 years ago, using the finances of Bill, father, and Glados, mother, to pay for half of the town’s construction. The other half of financing was covered by the Eledril Family. No one really knows where exactly Bill and Glados gained their prior weatlh, but many assume it was from their entrepeneurial skills based on the current success of their Tavern and Inn. The family gained much favor with the townspeople during Havenbrook’s infancy, being that the Inn served as the main residence for future inhabitants. This has made the family quite prominent within the town, which was quite evident the night the town rallied behind the family to take Luccia away from Helena the Healer. Luccia Fallabrine is now the adopted daught of the Talien family, and works with the rest of her new family at the Talien Tavern and Inn.

Talien Family Roster

Father – Bill Talien (NPC)

Mother – Glados Talien (NPC)

Daughter – Gia Talien (PC)

(Adopted) Daughter – Luccia Fallabrine (PC)


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